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Undersea Cable to Link E. Africa, Europe


Financing for an undersea cable linking eastern Africa with Europe has been completed with the signing of loan agreements on Nov 26, and organizers said it was the beginning of the end of expensive and unreliable telecommunications for this part of the world.


Five development finance institutions (IFC, EIB, ADB, AFD, and KfW) signed loan agreements worth US$70.7 million (euro 47.6 million) with the consortium that has been working on a US$235 million (euro 158.3 million) submarine fibre-optic cable project for five years, said Lars Thunell, the executive vice president of IFC.


"Typical cost of internet access in East Africa is US$200-US$300 a month, which is one of the highest in the world. We expect that prices will drop about two-thirds when this project is in place and then continue down," Thunell told journalists.


The Indian Ocean's eastern African seabed is the only one in the world without a submarine fibre-optic cable, forcing the region to rely heavily on limited and expensive satellite links.


The organizers said that laying the cable will start next month and the project is expected to be completed by March 2009. The cable will be 10,000 kilometers (6,214 miles) long, stretching from South Africa to Sudan. At South Africa the cable will connect with another linking South Africa and western Africa with Europe.


The East African Submarine Cable System will also lay fibre-optic cables to connect inland networks with the undersea cable.


Four projects have been in the works to link 22 eastern, central and southern African countries to the world's network of submarine cables.


Two weeks ago, one project called SEACOM also completed its financing for an undersea fibre optic cable project to link Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique and Tanzania with international broadband cable in South Africa, India and Europe. That project is estimated to cost US$650 million (euro437.9 million) and will be 15,000 kilometers (9,321 miles) long. SEACOM, in which five American, South African and Kenyan companies have invested, expects its cable to be in service by June 2009.

extracts from AP DIGITAL (26 Nov 2007)


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Mining group Rio Tinto Ltd , which is fighting off an unsolicited bid from rival BHP Billiton Ltd , is considering making a counterbid for BHP in a so-called Pac-Man defense, the Wall Street Journal reported on its Web site on Thursday, citing unnamed sources.


let’s have some fun ...


Chinese attack BHP bid

CHINESE observers have slammed BHP Billiton's proposed merger with Rio, although they have also made it clear that they don't expect to be able to prevent it happening.


neste affair BHP Billiton versus Rio Tinto o que por agora me interessa é reequacionar o Titanopólio em Madagáscar (Rio Tinto) e em Chibuto (BHP Billiton) – e perceber o que é que a putativa Mozal III tem a ver com Coega (via Rio Tinto - Alcan/Eskom).

Text Box: Preços do Ferro - mais 25%?
CVRD abre as negociações 2008 e Xstrata-se

Analysts expect a price rise from April of about 25 percent after a 9.5 percent increase this year. Iron ore prices were raised 71 percent in 2005 by CVRD.


Dead in the water– a poison pill?


"DEAD in the water," is about as brutally unequivocal as a deeply mannered man like Tom Albanese is going to get.

The diagnosis of BHP Billiton's "incomplete proposal" to take over Rio Tinto as reported by Tom Albanese (Rio Tinto’s CEO) would, on the surface, suggest the world's second-biggest takeover battle is over before it every really began.


Don't bet on it. These are highly nuanced times in BHP Billiton's pursuit of Rio Tinto, and nothing anyone says should be taken at face value. Not that anyone is lying, mind you. It is just that no one is quite prepared to tell the whole truth…. "We rejected it (the proposal) on the basis of value. As far as we are concerned, the deal is now dead in the water," Albanese says.

The message for his provocateurs at BHP Billiton is that Albanese and his chairman, Paul Skinner, are feeling absolutely no pressure from shareholders to engage in discussions on the "proposal" being spruiked by Marius Kloppers and his chairman, Don "Is Good" Argus.


End of story, then? Absolutely not. The New York Albanese’ declaration merely ends the opening round of skirmishing in a war that has not yet been meaningfully joined by BHP Billiton.

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http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au (Dec 8, 2007)


Mick does the Samba?

Xstrata’s suitor is said to be CVRD


sources indicate that Brazil’s Vale, known until last week as CVRD, has indeed hired Lehman Brothers to evaluate a bid for Xstrata, which in turn is taking advice from Merrill Lynch, and also possibly JPMorgan Cazenove.


British regulator sets deadline for BHP Billiton to declare Rio Tinto takeover bid


(AP, Dec 21, 2007) LONDON: Britain's takeover regulator has given BHP Billiton until Feb. 6 2008 to either formalize its multibillion dollar (euro) proposal for mining giant Rio Tinto or say it is not interested in a takeover.


put up or shut up!


Rio Tinto is writing to the Takeover Panel to request a deadline for BHP Billiton takeover exercise.



cessar-fogo natalício ...


BHP's Kloppers Calls Christmas Ceasefire on Rio Deal


Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) -- BHP Billiton Ltd.'s Chief Executive Officer Marius Kloppers has told Australian staff working on the takeover of rival Rio Tinto Group to go home and spend Christmas with their families (the Age reported without saying where it got the information).


BHP has called a ``temporary Rio ceasefire,'' the paper reported in an opinion column by Malcolm Maiden.


Chairman Don Argus has already gone on holiday, it said.